Tripple Card Debuts World's First Payment Card that Connects Web3 Wallets

Tripple Card unlocks $50 billion in Web3 assets for real-world card payments

Tripple is thrilled to reveal that its eagerly anticipated flagship product, a crypto payments card, is now accepting registrations for its waitlist. This revolutionary card will make history as the first of its kind to enable users to make purchases directly from their DeFi wallets. By bridging the gap for Web3 users, the Tripple card empowers them to effortlessly spend their crypto holdings stored in DeFi wallets, all while retaining full control over their assets. The card is also simple to recharge with the desired amount for spending.

The state of crypto payment cards is currently inadequate due to the dominance of a select few providers who don't give their users direct control over their assets. Unlike traditional banks, the majority of crypto card providers operate as centralized exchanges, necessitating users to surrender ownership of their assets by depositing them into an exchange account.

The limited number of card providers that advocate self-custody require users to use wallets developed by the company itself. This method exposes users to the risk of losing all their funds should there be a bug in the company's wallet. The crypto world is replete with tales of users losing everything due to having all their wealth in one wallet, exchange, or protocol. Tripple offers an alternative card. In an industry where around $4 billion was lost due to security concerns in 2022, those who are looking for crypto payment cards need a secure and decentralized solution that truly delivers.

Tripple card is the optimal payment solution for DeFi users as it doesn't necessitate any modifications to their self-custodial practices. With the Tripple card, users can easily exchange crypto from their preferred Web3 wallet into fiat, allowing them to make purchases at both physical and online merchants around the world. The DeFi industry, with over $50 billion in assets, can now be brought into the real world through the Tripple card.

“The dynamics of how people work are changing. In previous decades, it was almost unthinkable for someone to earn a living outside of an office or workplace. People can now earn an income independent of their location and decentralized technology is also changing the nature of how people earn. Innovators and tinkerers are building a completely decentralized web and an increasing amount of value is transitioning to this new web infrastructure. Our mission is to give the growing share of users within this space the ability to also spend their assets in the real world” - Vytautas Zabulis Tripple, and H-Finance CEO.

Tripple will provide the means for DeFi users to use their assets in everyday life. With the rise of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other purely internet-based businesses, a solution like Tripple's card becomes increasingly crucial. In time, the Tripple card will support a vast majority of tokens within the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem, all while preserving the self-custodial principles that define crypto ownership.

The journey towards widespread DeFi acceptance starts with providing a fast, secure, and decentralized spending experience for the average user. Tripple is poised to make a significant contribution towards realizing this goal and encourages users to sign up for the Tripple card waitlist and become among the first to embrace this cutting-edge payments card technology.

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