Spend Crypto from Your DeFi Wallet Easy

First ever truly decentralized Web3 card. No wallet creation needed. Your keys, your wallet, YOUR CRYPTO. Connect your existing crypto wallet, and instantly use it for everyday needs.

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Crypto exchange and custody license

Use Your DeFi Wallet for Everyday Needs

Tripple is the simplest solution for uniting your DeFi wallet and your daily needs


Easily connect your existing DeFi wallets


Convert Crypto from your DeFi wallets in one place


Keep your Crypto safe in your trusted Crypto wallet


Let Crypto you earned from games, staking, or learning to cover your everyday needs

Integration with your favorite DeFi wallets

- Spend crypto with ease without creating a new wallet.
- Link existing DeFi wallets to Tripple for seamless conversion.
- Continue to use your trusted DeFi wallets while still being able to make payments easily.

Tripple offers the convenience of spending with the security of existing DeFi wallets.

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- Established in 2018, H-Finance has a strong track record of success working with global crypto companies. H-Finance provides infrastructure and liquidity for crypto on-ramp companies and, up to day, served more than 600 000 customers with transaction volume exceeding 500 mln USD.

- H-Finance is fully regulated and compliant in key markets such as the EU, USA, and Lithuania, providing customers with added peace of mind.


Experience Seamless Integration with Tripple

The card that makes crypto spending effortless

Say Goodbye to the hassle of converting your Crypto to cash or the security of your funds with Tripple

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The premium card that revolutionizes credit.

Ask to transfer funds to their wallet
Limited currency support
Pricey transfers between wallets to off-ramp
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Tripple Card

The account that boosts your daily life.

Connects existing DeFi wallets
All currencies supported by your DeFi wallet
Instant exchange and off-ramp
Supports multiple DeFi wallets at the same time

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